Me the Musician

April 14, 2013

So, there’s a saying ‘some people are late starters’, and for me this is true as at 47 and a half years i’ve taken-up playing the Bass in a rock band.

I’ve always been a music fan but its been nearly 30 years since i last tried to play and its a lot better/easier now, probably because i’ve a lot of support this time, along with more life experience.

I’m even starting to write songs too, which is a good creative outlet for my writing impulses. I’ve got a long way to go ‘on that score’ though, but its fun to try and that’s the main thing.

I’ll keep you informed.


Job Centre thoughts 1

February 27, 2013

Friday is my signing-on day, but its more like ‘going to a court-date’ where you have to protest your innocence to receive your ‘due’ [money].

But get found wanting and its like making a guilty plea, then the bargaining begins, unless your judge is just a nasty bastard in which case you can get up to three years with no income from them.

I would not care and would even laugh at it but when ‘looking for a job’ ties in with whether you stay in your ‘home’ or not and whether you fall into debt then its no laughing matter.

It used to be ‘do they owe us a living’ but today its more like ‘do we owe the system something’ for the home we live in and the money we get for our food, well do we?

I’ll get to that later.

Time to be treated as S**t

February 6, 2013

I am signing on the dole again today, and i’ve been there many times before hence the title, as nothing changes ‘easily’ in the unemployment office.

But sadly i’ve got more troubles than just this, its a tough time for me.

We all love to be loved

January 1, 2013

Ever since i gave up blogging on matters astrological 10 days ago i have had comments saying please write some ‘more’, but its not that anyone really is missing me, or my work, no its still the spammers still pretending [so as to get linked] with all their flattery and bullshit which i’ve seen too much of.

Sure one or two are genuine but so many aren’t, anyhow i expect them to die-away now, as i’m not posting in that ‘field’ anymore.

I will post ‘here’ a lot more now, as i’ve no other distractions.

Simply The Truth

November 23, 2012

What a story, hope Lee doesn’t mind me posting it in full.

The Apocolypse Is Over- This Is The End Credits …

By Lee Burkett (about the author)

November 20, 2012 at 11:49:17

When a society fails to provide the bare minimums essential to life for it’s people, that society has failed. The number of poor, hungry, homeless and needlessly ill grows on a daily basis. The specter of abject poverty has become a daily fixture of the American landscape. Ignored by most of us, explained away by the government as unavoidable, made to appear less threatening by apologists and pundits, the simple fact is that while still being one of the richest nations on Earth, the United States has abandoned the weakest among us, and plans to impose harsher austerity on all of us.

When an economic model fails to provide sufficient reward for labor and only serves the ruling elite, that economic model has failed.

The official unemployment numbers in no way reflect the real number of Americans who have not been able to find employment of any kind. Uncounted are those who have reached the end of unemployment benefits, who have spent 99 weeks, plus additional time provided by extensions, seeking a job to no avail. A large percentage of those lucky enough to find a job have had to accept less than full time employment at minimum wage or lower. A full time job paying minimum wage, for a family of two, places the wage earner firmly in the poverty level. Meanwhile multinational corporations are enjoying profit of an all time historical high. The CEO’s of these corporations have seen their salaries and bonuses grow by a factor of thousands while the laborers have seen

When a system of law only serves to provide protection to the ruling elite, while handing out harsher and harsher “justice’ to the majority of citizens, that system of law has failed.Possibly the greatest crime in recent history has been the tanking of the American economy, engineered by the economic elite with full knowledge that their business models and practices were illegal. There has been little to no justice meted out to these architects of greed. The harshest sentences have been the levying of fines that represent pennies on the dollar of their protean profit. These settlements have been reached by negotiations that always include a guarantee that further investigations will cease, and those responsible for the illegal activity will not be charged. They are untouchable.However, the vast majority of Americans have seen their civil liberties disappear. New legislation makes it illegal to protest nonviolently, and those who do are gassed, roughed up, arrested and jailed. Across the board justice for the poor has become increasingly harsh. America holds the record for the most number of prisoners per capita of any nation on Earth, fueled by the privatization of prisons and archaic, unrealistic drug laws.

When a species destroys it’s environment, that species has failed. Hundreds of thousands of acres of virgin forest are cleared yearly. Entire mountain tops are removed. Large areas of the world are now uninhabitable, the soil, and ground water being so poisoned that it has become deadly. The land is littered with industrial waste, leaching ponds, poisons are pumped into the aquifer and fracking creates water that is flammable. The oceans are filled with trash, medical waste, toxins, and crude oil. The air is polluted with smoke stacks, coal dust, auto emissions, and toxic leftovers. Scientists and experts are highly paid to use pseudo-babble to explain it all away.

When a political system’s only function is to perpetuate failed systems, that political system has failed. All the systems, social, environmental, economic, legal, and political have become unsustainable. The failure of the political system, with it’s deeply flawed and thoroughly corrupt election process is, perhaps, the hardest pill to swallow. On some level, to a greater or lessor degree, we’re all aware of that. Cognitive dissonance plays a major role in our inability to come to terms with the growing, frightening, gap between what we believe to be true and what our own life experience and intellect tell us is true. The presidential election is but one of many examples of how the combination of hope, belief, fear and willful ignorance can be manipulated to cause an entire nation to accept that there are no alternatives, that the very best we can achieve is to elect someone who will postpone the inevitable for a short while, that it is better to have a less insane hand at the helm.

The government we have is the result of a coup. A handful of billionaires have seized control, and they are now deciding the fate of the entire human race. The government of The United States, and most world governments, have but one purpose: To promote, protect and defend the right of the wealthiest among us to own, control, exploit and destroy the world for profit.

The systems have failed. Let me be clear, it is not that they may fail, not that they will fail in the near future, but have failed.

These systems may grind on for a while due to culturally ingrained habit and faith. These systems may linger for a time due to fear of change. These systems may continue for a time due to force or coercion. However, there is not enough culturally ingrained habit or faith, there is not enough fear, there is not enough force or coercion to prevent the collapse of failed systems.

So what do we have when all systems have failed, but an entire population refuses to accept the fact? What do we have when a governing body’s only purpose is to perpetuate belief in failed systems and to prop up a shadow government whose only goal is profit at the expense of systematic brutality, murder, poverty and destruction of the environment?Insanity. That is what we have: pure, certifiable, sociopathic, psychotic insanity exhibited on an entire world scale.

You know, for years now I’ve said that our government is insane, and being run by lunatics, for insane goals. But it’s always been insincere, in a way, like the way you’ll shake your head at a friend and say, “you’re crazy, man.” There’s been no sense of danger, no sense of the skin crawling awareness that you’re eye to eye with a group of people who are actively, intently engaged in a full blown mental condition. Well, I’ve had a break through, a new understanding, and that is that the government of the United States is actually, literally, certifiably insane.

It is at once the most freeing thought I’ve ever had, and the most frightening realization I’ve ever had. These people, our “elected leaders’ are every bit as insane as John Wayne Gacy, or Ted Bundy, or any other sociopath serial killer. Try, try right now to make the leap from “yeah, they’re crazy” to “these people are certifiably insane!” It may take you a while to jump from A to B, but it’s worth the effort. There is no difference between a person who claims to be a Democrat or a Republican, or an Independent, and a person who claims that arranging potato chips into a certain pattern maintains the status of the universe. None.

The ideals, the policies and the actions of this government are deadly, of no value, and are supported by an illusory, flawed understanding of reality. The people who support this illusion are every bit as infected, every bit as insane as are the people to whom they willingly give their support. Arguing in circles about candidates or parties or policies or actions that are insane is to buy into that insanity. And from this day forward I will engage in these debates with a full understanding that each and every person who in any way offers support or belief in these insane person, policies and institutions is also- by definition- insane.

That’s my line in the sand. I will not attempt to cure insanity by arguing with insane people. I can pity them, I can do all in my power to make sure they’re not an immediate danger to themselves or others, but I can’t cure them. I know I’m not alone. I know there are others whose understanding is the same as mine. I’ m calling on those of you who “get’ this, who “grok’ this to make that leap: These people can’t save themselves. They’re too invested in this insanity.

The government of The United States is mad. I can’t say that often enough, or forcefully enough.It’s policies and actions are insane, and only serve to prop up an illusory world where a handful of billionaires claim the right to own, control and destroy the Earth as they see fit. Oppose them and you will suffer. You will be hungry or homeless, or forced to suffer illness for lack of healthcare. Oppose them and you will be a criminal, a terrorist, a target for drones.

You cannot reform madness. You cannot use madness to bring sanity. The institutions, the politics, the economies of madness must be put be aside.Stop fearing the end. The ruins of our ideals, our culture, our society lie in smoldering heaps all around us. The Apocalypse has already happened. We’re still here.

Murdering innocent children, all war all the time, systematic brutality and death. Madness. We must put an end to it.

Israeli aggression is American aggression, funded, supported and protected by a handful of billionaires. Photo after photo of mangled men, women and children, sickening, haunting images that ought to move us to action- any action- to bring an end to this madness.

When will it occur to us that this our world, and we can change it?

Do we each need to lose a loved one- personally see their blood in the streets? Do we all need to starve before we have compassion for the hungry?

Their are no grownups among us, no leaders, no saviors. I am personally responsible for all of it. And so are you. It’s a raging sea of madness.Heal yourself. Walk away from insanity. Walk away from their illusory debt, their illusory enemies, their fear and their greed and their control. Understand that what you have feared the most has already come to pass. Embrace that.

We have the option of recognizing this and taking steps to avoid the inevitable chaos, suffering, brutality and death awaiting us. We can come together as humans, without the need of governments or institutions. Our powers, united, cannot be suppressed or denied. Our tools are love and compassion, and knowing that we dream bigger than those who seek to rule us.

We must withdraw support from failed, insane systems. Boycotting is one way to withdraw support, and it is very effective. Commerce is food for the malignancy, stop feeding it and it will die. Generalized, nationwide strikes will bring corrupt governments to their knees. These are simple truths, easily recognized once the fever of insanity has passed. Smaller ways to resist are as simple as closing out bank accounts, cancelling credit cards, refusing to incur further debt. Shop locally. Barter or trade. Grow your own food- share it with your neighbors. Make your own energy. Be radical, be caring, when you see suffering, do something to end it. Yes, there are hardships involved in taking these steps. There is risk. The cure will not kill us.
Society has failed. Let’s build a better one.


Lee Burkett is a proud member of The Screen Actor’s Guild and a writer/activist.


Punk Rock will never die

November 8, 2012

Well that’s how it seems in my home town tonight, although of course when two of the UK’s biggest Punk acts are here all seems rosy.

So i’m just glad some 36 years after Punk started the Anti-nowhere league and the UK Subs are still going.

Should be a good night.

Living with the ‘lies’

October 29, 2012

Today, i’ve just two things to say.

2, 5 or 10 or more years, how ‘far’ are our lives already planned ahead by those who ‘know’ and play the ‘game’ of life for us.

You will always get glimpses on tv etc that this is ‘happening’, and it frightens the hell out of me. And no-one can convince me its ‘favourable’ forward-planning for our benefit because the stuff i’ve seen is ‘not’ there openly-debated, but is a hidden agenda which is being worked-out regardless of what we want.

But thankfully a great many people are ‘now’ becoming ‘conscious’ of what’s going down, so it has to be challenged, and may eventually fall away, but why i hate it, [is because ‘they’ try ‘to stop’ real-life from happening ‘spontaneously’], so you ‘conspirators’ out-there you better start working on a new plan, as this ‘game’ is ‘up’.

But sadly they have so many plans working against us, just one ‘sussed’, is but a piss in the ocean, but we’re discovering more ‘daily’ so that has to be a good thing.

So now, if you think you’ve [heard it all before], here’s a little more.

The lies they tell are like ‘dead bodies’, they are piled one-on-top of each other.

But as their lies continue they have no counterbalance in ‘truth’, [so they will be found-out for what they are], and i feel this is ‘inevitable’, because the deepness of the deception pervades the lives of so many, and some people will eventually want ‘out’ of the madness.

And because so many are using ‘lies’ to cover-up so much in life, and we use ‘them’ as a ‘means’ in themselves, ‘to keep things hidden’ there is no easy way out for the people who want to ‘change’, the/their network is just too ‘involved’ to sort-itself-out i fear.

And as lies are rather meaningless and pointless, it isn’t even worth bothering trying to find-out what they ‘cover-up’, as its just ‘one’ lie based on another lie usually, and so ‘where does the true source ‘lie’.

And we have been told lies for so long now, that we even begin to question our own simple thoughts. But don’t bother with that either, [as its just a trap] because many lies come from the ‘tainted’ outside-of-you source anyway, so you’re onto a ‘loser’ again.

I say if it comes from their ‘sources’ [as there are no true answers in their ‘game’], forget it. And if it feels like your own thoughts, still question the source; did it originate from them?

Note: their World and motives are not for the ‘likes-of-you’, and you are being fed the dregs of what could be a fairer-share-for-all, as they cream-off-the-top, and they laugh at your aspirations, [which are built by their rules anyway], rules which only allow certain ‘people’ who ‘do’ certain things to progress.

Final Word: and don’t even get me started on the subliminal messaging contained within tv programmes; because if evidence was ever needed to the question, are they trying to f**k you up? then here it is.

Believe me ‘once’ you’ve glimpsed how one thing is leading you subliminally-on as they inform ‘you’ of what’s coming [in the next minute or section of a programme], so that you already know ‘as you picked-it-up’ and now feel like you’re ahead in the ‘game’, [so you’re on a kind of mental train-ride, knowing just ‘enough’ to have it ‘fulfilled’ in the next moment], is far too-much i feel, and it always leaves me feeling very weirded out.

But sadly most people accept this kind of mental mucking-around with their minds, and think they are ‘blessed’ to be ahead in the game, but i see it as one more ‘choice’ i have lost.

You see these people are never up-front about it, so i say screw “them’ like they screw ‘you’.

What i do when i’m really bored

October 24, 2012

It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Its my first photo from phone, so may come-out sideways, just turn your computer around 90 degrees, or just ‘perfect’ for a i-pad user.

October 20th 2012; Fighting back

October 20, 2012

Today in London there’s a march/protest about all the financial cuts.

Again we are complaining about the people who put profits over people’s services, many of which took years to build to a good standard, and just because the rich can’t maintain their lifestyles and find new area’s to take from, the ‘rape’ the poor man’s basic services happens now.

I think the wealthy have a sickness, they can’t spend ‘money’ and still expect to have the same amount left in their pockets, and this disgruntles them so they take from ‘area’s’ which naturally go up and down, to ‘keep’ their ‘lives’ seemingly untouched.

The time is here to say ‘enough’ and know where you stand. And that should be most of the population on one side and the wealthiest 1 percent on the other, but with the social and monetary aspirants being many, and unlikely to give-up on their dreams the ‘line’ may not be so clear-cut, and as they fulfil the roles they choose to accept, the only warning to give is ‘big fish eat smaller ones’, and when do you jump-out of the pool, ‘maybe never’ if you like the waters you’re swimming-in. But remember this many are ‘deserting’ a sinking ship, and some because they have to, but so many are going voluntarily.

Its going to be the ‘way’ of things for some time to come, i fear. But something good may come out-of-it.

I’m in love with…

July 22, 2012

… the earthly world today.

Part 1

The grass under my feet, the Sun in the sky, all because i considered what it would be like to live in a lifeless void with no objects and no people, and started to realised just what it ‘was’ to have ‘what we have’ around us, compared to nothing.

Part 2

To make the most of ‘people and things’ [is what] most people would say ‘is’ the logical answer to that, but i believe there is more to it [for me anyway]. To accept ‘everything and everyone’ is possible with the right attitude and approach, but my soul is more complicated than that, so i continue my struggle to manifest what i can, and think and act-out the conclusions of my thinking/considering processes, and for that which i care for, and that i do not.

Life is precious, but we usually don’t make the most of it, even those who constantly run around in search of the next craic.

Is mankind moving-on in ‘thought and deed’, or is he just wallowing in what he has made possible just now.

On the ‘surface’ many of us are enjoying life, but what ‘lies’ beneath. I have a feeling it won’t be too-long before we start to find-out, whether you/we ‘like it or not’.

i have nothing to say

May 23, 2012

Really!!, nothing to say.

I couldn’t leave…

January 16, 2012

… even if i wanted to.

Its got to be one of the most scandalous things i’ve seen this year.

77.50 for a 10 year passport renewal.

I can’t afford that on top of just leaving the country, even for just a few days.

So i am stuck in England with no choice of leaving, i could go to the border and try without one, but it’ll never happen.

That’s bad, as simply economics has priced-me-out of movement, which in my eyes shouldn’t be so.

Yes, there is a solution of course, but at a hefty price.

I wonder just how many people are priced-out of ‘life’ and ‘movement’, and how many don’t even realise it.

Saturday Night blog

November 26, 2011

Its windy here on the North Norfolk coast.

I felt like going-out, as it has been a long-time since i had a good night out drinking, but did i go, no, so its early to bed, to dream of youthful and more enjoyable days.

Its true what they say kids, so get some fun in, as when you’re past it, it really ‘is’ hard to get ‘something’ back.

So all i can say is this…

… God, on a Saturday night its hard being middle-aged, and quite bored.

Friday Night Blog Returns

September 2, 2011

FNB is back. This week has been Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll, well some of the week anyway. But it ain’t as great as Mr Ian Dury says, in my opinion anyway, but then again its a young man’s game, and i ain’t as young as i once was, and the thrill isn’t as great as it once was.

On the flipside i’ve been doing a lot of housework and decorating, so had some mundane life too.

Astrology still looms large in my life and always will, with so many ideas to be developed.

Let’s do it again next week.

Stone me what a life

June 3, 2011

My life has become dull and rather ordinary. I know Summer is coming but i also know its just going to pass me by. With nothing on the horizon it saddens me that whilst others will be out-there enjoying it i will not.

What has happened to me i ask myself, 46 years old and nothing to really look forward to, i am really feeling sorry for myself, but with no one to blame but myself, i should start to make something of my life before its too late.

But as i do not want to work and have plans to write a lot, i should just accept it all and carry on, what else can i do.

I’ve made my bed and i should lay on it.

If…. …..only…..

April 29, 2011

You say you don’t want it, but you’d only say that if you didn’t already have it. And if you didn’t have some-thing, you’d believe you wanted it, only to satisfy the urge.

Peace comes from knowing what is best for you.

We all ride on combined energy.

My football team

February 12, 2011

Football is a beautiful game. Norwich get a last-minute winner, but how !!

Ball gets kicked into the ‘stand’, Norwich chief executive catches it, throws it directly to the manager, rugby throws to a player, the throw-in, goes straight to star striker, who kicks towards the goal and scores.

Fairy-tale stuff.

Priced out-of life

February 11, 2011

It is coming, it is here, it always has been, all these statements are true.

How much ‘pain’ can you take? Does anything matter until you can no longer afford what it is you see as your essential parts of life taken-away from you.

When your thing, that little extra thing that makes life bearable is ‘gone’ or under attack you will ‘crack’.

We support a ‘life’ which is killing us.

No wonder we are offered so many new things nowadays when so much is taken away.

‘Direct action’ is coming. So much emphasis is placed towards a ‘final goal’, that I say an inevitable split will come, which ‘way of life’ will you ‘side’ with, when the real crunch comes?

Its sustainable living at a decent standard, or some far-away golden land that never quite materalizes?

Its not one struggle and one fight that we are all in, the ‘system’ wants believers, but man is far more than that, and his true face is emerging.

Life is being ‘carved-up’ and its up-to-you to find the missing links before those in power do, as that’s their game, they’ll find them and close the circle before the real discussion starts.

The Egyptians are liberating themselves, but already the ‘powers’ are searching for ‘leaders’ to retain the status quo, to ‘price’ the people back-in.

The time has come for the ‘people’ to stand-up and say, we can’t afford to live in your ‘created’ World anymore.

These ‘untouchables’

January 25, 2011

Royalty, and Prime Minister, Chancellor and Home and Foreign Secretary, [i heard on the Radio] “i wouldn’t go there”, meaning don’t talk about them in any way connected to news stories, like phone hacking. Why? [to protect them], but is that the whole story? no, says this bod.

It’s all about control

January 7, 2011

The debate goes on, whether it was ‘right’ to make such massive ‘cuts’ to frankly [the british way of life], as we knew it, by slashing money out of the structure of life we had known, and built-up over many years, but in which we were [no doubt] involved.

If i said that the ‘cuts’ are designed to actually change ‘nothing’ you may think i’m bonkers or talking rubbish. And if i said that the long-suffering public will take it and take it, you may again think likewise.

And all this ‘talk’ of changing anything by protest groups and violence is really just another way of people ‘deluding’ themselves in continuing to believe they have personal ‘control’ over their lives, then think again.

We have already given-up most of our control to ‘governments’ years ago, [from the ‘time’ they were first introduced], and they are only there… [think of exactly what the word ‘governance’ actually means]?

We are fighting against ourselves when we take on the ‘powers that be’.

Now everyone knows that, [or should know] that there’s only one thing that prompts any real ‘individual’ action, and that is… when we find ourselves in a ‘tight hole’ with our backs against the wall, and governments exist to make sure that the majority of people don’t find themselves in this situation.

So has this government finally ‘stabbed themselves in the foot’?

It won’t be their end, as people want ‘that’ situation, there will always be another ‘set’ of people ready to step-up, if the old guard fail, be sure of that. The ‘ones’ with the loudest voice will be heard, and tell you that ‘if we all talk at the same time’ then no-one will be heard. Keep in-line, you’re not next inline to the throne.

The trouble is, the prime minister is right, [we are all in this together]; the blackmail of guilt which they hang over us, and in which we know we had played a part, so try getting out-of-that.

So as the squeeze happens, and the quality of life diminishes remember this… the illusion is simple, [from their point-of-view], to help keep things as they are, and ‘up’ the losses we suffer are just so that one-day the ‘powers’ can say ‘that’ life hasn’t really changed and we have just ‘kept you in a life you/we have been accustomed to’, which may seem like a strange thing to say, but these ‘losses’ we’re going through are ultimately to make us believe we haven’t loss anything.

It is simply business as usual in the ‘global’ marketplace, as there is a bigger picture here, and that is not ‘to lose’ our position, and they gamble on us being able to take the strain, as the economy shifts to other parts of the world.

Our future is already planned, and will the ‘willing’ victims die?

Don’t be fooled by a ‘mirage’ of equality, because its not that way, and if you let them know this, how can ‘they’ [not see] what is staring them in the face.

The time of the refusenik is here, but don’t think its [you or me].

Are the ‘masses’ starting to ‘really’ think for themselves? or just another reactionary movement.

If thats the bus ride, i think i’d rather walk

December 29, 2010

What use? a moral code, a way to think about things.

In the 30 years since Crass what has changed? we’re not going to change the system, they sang, you’re not gonna it too. How right they were.

Why do the lyrics still hit home? once heard never forgotten, i suppose. Should i have taken the other bus? conforming to everything? it has changed me, or ‘developed’ me, to be more precise.

Would or could i have been another person? i doubt it, unless i buried or let go of much of my experiences. I still have [so much] of what i’ve ‘got up here’.

Crass helped individuality flourish and with the ‘alternative’ clearly stated, i would’ve only fooled myself to do ‘otherwise’.

A world created by yourself for yourself has to be worth more than being a pantomine clown keeping the system intact.

Will life ever change whilst the ‘power’ lies out of your own hands? no-one wants to deal with ‘anything’, because to do so puts you up against so many ‘things’.

I will continue walking though, as that bus is so ‘full-up’ nowadays, that there’s nothing left to do, even a brick through the window and pulling a passenger off is a ‘worthless and impossible’ quest, and why would i want to do it anyway, as the bus is going over the hill.

But try taking ‘something’ that isn’t yours nowadays, and you will feel the ‘full-force’ of their law, why? because its all ‘stitched-up’, always has been.

‘Accept the shit and slavery, be one of us’. Oh yeah.

Put your foot on the line, and have it stepped-on. I’ve said enough.

Rant rant rant, i can’t take no more

December 13, 2010

I am absolutely sick and tired of all the advertisements for perfume at Christmas this year, I wish they’d all f-off the tv, as I’m sick and tired of them all, but I know I can’t do anything else except switch-off.

Friends re-united :-)

December 6, 2010

It seems to me, that i have more friends of this blog than i realised.

New opportunities are arising

December 2, 2010

As a unemployed person with little chance of finding work, I’ve made in-roads into the volunteering field, I may get to work with the learning disabled here in Cromer or perhaps some befriending.

I have a steady home life and just enough money, so I’m using this as my base, and I’ll reach-out from there, tomorrow I find out about more volunteering, it really is the best way for me just now.

People are starting to get really pissed-off

November 22, 2010

Why did money go global? and why do we see the collapse of countries, even those who ‘were’ once strong. Why are the French going to take money from their banks [in order to] cripple them? and what is the effect on us?

Well its got a lot to do with every country joining-in a ‘free for all’, and we were [the public] then all coerced to follow ‘this’ ethic.

Revolutions only happen when the ‘satisfied people’ find that they are now ‘unsatisfied’ with [that], which they, were once happy to let ‘keep’ them.

And why the dissatisfaction now? like me, [who, by the way, can only afford a pint of milk this week], and nothing else til Friday, and that’s no joke… are those who ‘bought the line’ [words] of… you can be, and remain wealthy ‘in this day and age, are now starting to see what it ‘really takes’ to remain with their ‘heads above the water’.

The ‘millionaires’ [to my mind] only want ‘that’ much money to ‘guarantee’ they have access to ‘everything’ [should] they want it, and its an expensive security blanket [if you like], as all the ‘others’ are told ‘you can achieve it’, but there’s only so much ‘money’ to go around, and do you really want to ‘have’ such deep psychological flaws, that you need to compensate, as i believe much of gaining massive personal wealth, is all about, [a substitute].

But everyone is so tied-into-it, that if you bring down something in your riot, [however its played-out] its likely to end-up with you burning-down your own stuff. You see, ‘they know’ you can’t afford to lose-out.

No-one can escape it now, and if you think you can, then you are a fool.

Global monetary policy is simple, we’ve fleeced and bled the individual dry and all that’s left, in this ‘stupid game’ is to take a whole country down now everybody is tied to what happens in their country, no one is immune. But I have faith that anything ‘pushed-through’ eventually fails due to ‘no support’.

The [end-game] is one-of ‘global domination’, and one day we’ll find that a ‘winner’ has been declared.

And a lot of people will say, I didn’t even know a ‘fight’ for this world had been going on.

Welcome to a world controlled by whoever did well-enough in the ‘carve-up’ of resources, and then won against all the ‘others’ for the soul of the world.

If you don’t believe me… then look and see what ‘allegiances’ you are already making, and the ‘control’ you have already given them.

Sometimes I think we are ‘too far gone’ already to undo things now.

And people trying to pull-out of banks in France will be applauded by one hand, as the commentator’s then tell them what [in their hearts they already know], ‘that they are too inter- connected’ to the way things are, to help their plight now.

The illusion of ‘change’ is a hard one to see through. But everytime you hear the phrase ‘business as usual’ you should shudder, as it has greater ‘meanings’ than you could ever imagine. But its likely you’ll let it pass, as you ‘are’ that business, and you believe you want it [all to be] as ‘usual’, but as I said in the title, more and more people are getting pissed-off.

The Fullest Moon

November 20, 2010

I am looking at one of the brightest ‘full Moons’ i’ve ever seen. Lovely but strangely frightening.

2 Minutes of ‘your’ time

October 26, 2010

As I sit at Sheringham station on my way home from the ‘premiere’ of 40 2 minute films, of local life here and in Cromer, I feel its been a good nite, even if it wasn’t that well attended. My ‘film’ was well received, but so were the rest.

I’ll do more ‘filming’ next year. Surprising thing is, trains were in more than one film, but the NN Railway is here, so not that surprising I suppose.

If i could do anything right now…

October 23, 2010

I’d get on a spaceship and fly to a paradise planet, but keep the earth’s stimulants and alcohol for the journey and when I got there, once ‘at home’ I’d want ‘to be’ [all alone] ‘there’ for a long time.

Life has got rather dull of late. All I can have ‘tonite’ though, is a windy night in my home town and some ice-cream, and ‘that’ will have to do.

No, I wouldn’t swap/be with ‘life’s’ [high rollers], at 45 I know a lot ‘about’ what I don’t want, and plenty ‘about’ what I do want.

Why bother complaining too much, when you can’t do ‘much’ to ‘change it’. Anyway I like strawberry ice-cream.

Why should i care?

October 20, 2010

We are all in this together said the Government man, taking a ‘hit’, so do I believe its the best thing for ‘us all’? true, we all take something from living in this country, but its a ‘delicate balance’ with the ‘bloody minded’ average citizen doing what they do, whilst looking out for what’s best for themselves, in the ‘circumstances’ they live within.

So to mess with what people do to ‘survive’ is dangerous ground, as we all ‘pride’ ourselves on our ability ‘to cope’ in this country.

We all realise ‘our place’ is mainly related to our ‘income’ and our ‘connections’ so to ‘pull the rug away’ from so many people so ‘quickly’ is going to lead to ‘discontent’, as those who believe they should be ‘somewhere else’ in the ‘scheme of things’ realise that this is no longer the case.

The sad fact is, [we all], from the richest to poorest rely so much on what we’ve managed to build-up for ourselves by so many hard choices, and with the ‘game’ changing the participants will only ‘play along’ whilst wanting the old way to be ‘restored’, and ‘that’ now looks a lot further down the line.

Who’s going to start a revolution? Punks, hippies, communists or radicals? no, the man who’s lost his comfortable position and is fighting to regain it will. Even then he’ll never change anything only reinstate his own values.

The ‘fight is on’ and to answer my own question, do I think all ‘this’ is best for us? yes, if it helps us to realise the fact that ‘wanting to; and having everything’ doesn’t leave [much room for change].

And now ‘change’ has been forced on us, talk about a ‘seal cull’.

Enjoy the next 4 years of ‘conserve’-‘tory’ rule, if it lasts?

Sod that! 103 not to do before you die

October 17, 2010

I’ve always been ‘down’ on so many things in life, so reading a book where the author [Sam Jordison] talks about ‘why’ its best ‘not to do’ many of the things that people aspire to do, sees me laughing out loud.

If you are young and stupid with ‘ideas’ to do ‘things’, [read this book], even if ‘you’re not’, and like me you’ve ‘purposely’ missed-out on so much of what the world offers, you’ll have a ‘scream’ and ‘smugly’ say to yourself [you were so right to have taken ‘your’ stance, all those years ago].